Life Quest


Monika (21)

Monika was university student studying engineering when she came to us for help. Since she had failed most of her exams after the first year she had lost a great deal of confidence, motivation and she no longer knew whether to try to stay in university, as her parents wanted her to do, or to drop out, and try something else. The professional assessments as well as the coaching we provided for her enabled her to understand that she was not “a failure”, but that rather her innate skills, personality and talents were not the right fit for a career as an engineer. This process also gave her the confidence that she needed in order to convince her parents that a career in engineering was not right for her, and to explore a career in fine arts. Monika is now happy, highly motivated, and excelling at a top-notch arts school in Switzerland.

Peter (47)

Peter is the CEO of a large, international company in the consumer goods industry. When Peter came to us for coaching, he was experiencing a great deal of frustration working with a team, which belonged to one of the company´s subsidiaries in the Middle East. Working with us, Peter discovered that the underlying problem was that his expectations and “implicit rules” for working with this team were radically different from those of the other team members. Once we helped Peter to adjust his expectations, and how to change his communication patterns, he started to communicate more effectively with his team, as well as to experience significantly improved work outcomes. Peter´s stress and frustration levels also decreased considerably, and he started to enjoy his work once more.

Various Testimonials

«Lille has really helped me appreciate many of the issues that I was dealing with that were really weighing on me and reducing my effectiveness. Her easy goingness on top of her experience, knowledge and overall smarts made working with her very quick and painless. She helped me feel good about myself and to acknowledge that my issues where real.» (A. K. Luzern, Switzerland)

«Overall, the workshop was excellent. Well structured, the materials were precise and to the point, and the styles simplified to a level that made understanding and abstracting possible. Your teaching style is also very good.» (S. F.)

«Fascinating material, well presented. Lille knows her stuff.» (J. L.)

«Most impressive for me was how you handled and directed the group during the 3 sessions. You created an atmosphere in which everyone felt comfortable to share and learn. This hasn’t been the case in all the other courses we have attended as a team. This also laid the foundation for the great contributions and rich outcome of the seminars.» (P. M., Team Leader)