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Traditional European Naturopathy

Traditional European Naturopathy (TEN) is a holistic system of medicine that encompasses an incredibly broad and fascinating array of  both ancient and modern knowledge, tools and techniques. TEN provides a fascinating and highly varied system of medicine including diagnostic methods such as the Irisdiagnosis, Pulse and Tongue diagnosis, manual therapies such as for instance Trigger Point Massage and Foot Reflexology, Phytotherapy, Spagyrik, Schüssler Salts as well as Detox Methods such as for instance Baunscheidt Therapy («the acupuncture of the West»), Cupping and the Cantharis Plaster.

This broad range of methods and therapies can help you not only to heal, but also to maintain spiritual, physical and mental balance thus helping you to live your best life.

Would you like to learn more about TEN ? Please don’t hesistate to contact us for further details and information about how TEN can help you to live your best life.