Life Quest



Do you want to do your best during job interviews, but you just don't know how to prepare for them?
Are you scared of making a bad impression and not getting the job?
Does interviewing make you feel nervous and stressed out?

These workshops will help you to become an expert, confident and poised interviewee.

In these interactive, three day workshops you will:

  • Learn how interviews are structured.
  • Understand the differences between behavioural interview questions and industry-specific interview questions
  • Learn about the hidden information that interviewers try to obtain by asking certain types of questions.
  • Avoid making the common mistakes which people make when interviewing
  • Learn the best ways to field different types of difficult questions
  • Gain awareness of the psychology of interviewing
  • Optimize your self-presentation style by actually practicing a mock interview in a friendly, and supportive group setting
  • Increase your self-confidence by learning concrete tools and exercises drawn from Western Psychology and coaching
  • Learn special yogic techniques and self-hypnosis to manage the psychological and emotional stress of interviewing

Fees: 200 CHF/day
Location (TBA) Zürich City within 20 mins from HB

Registration Deadline: 30th October 2014
Maximum: 12 Participants.


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